Friday, 3 June 2016

Someday you will realize the importance of priorities

You turn 22 today. With about 2 years and 6 months between us, it hardly feels like an age difference. You've always been the wiser, smarter, and more talented of the siblings. However, both you and I know how we alternate the roles of elder and younger when the situation calls. I remember 22, the details of it like it was yesterday. I also remember 22 as something that happened a long long time ago.

Being the know-it-all that I am around you, I put together a list of things, I wish someone told me then. Or perhaps even before 22. Some of these things, you do. Some of these things, you know. I am still struggling to adopt some myself. What I do know for sure, is the superior relevance of these tiny lessons in our lives.

Happy birthday, patoos!  :*

1) Jobs will come and go. Special someones will come and go. Don't forget to call your kin.

2) Keep, in your life, the people who've earned your respect.

3) For the ones that haven't, be there for them anyway. But remember they were never going to be your priority.

4) Figure out your routine to combat body odor. There is nothing more distracting than an odor giving away poorly kept hygiene.

5) Choose whom/what you spend time with, its so precious.

6) Pick an art - reading, writing, sketching, listening, singing, running or even watching tv shows. But make it your art and become the highest authority on it.

7) When amma told me this, 7 years ago I kept a poker face and sniggered inside. She said none will love you and think of you as much as your parents do. I now truly know the meaning of this statement.

8) If done right, you will experience the transformation you go through with parents - they will become mentors/friends and they will seek you out more than they ever have, for their own problems. It is somewhere in the middle of this you realize that they are humans too, just like you. That they have dreams too, just like you.

9) Friends will come and go - if you let it. Friends will stay - if you make sure of it.

10) A favourite thought from Clayton Christensen's book - How will you measure your life: What job are you hiring that milkshake for? A simple marketing technique really, this can be applied to any relationship in your life - in the reverse direction. You want someone in your life. You ask yourself - what job is he/she hiring you for? Sometimes its conversation, sometimes its companionship, sometimes its distress partnership. But figure this out and keep that person in your life. Do something because they want you to do it and not because you want to - like cooking a meal for your friend after a long day even though you'd rather sleep; going to the store just to buy some chocolates when they had a bad day; taking care of a phone call you would rather avoid.

11) Take care of your health. Go all out when you want to - but stay conscious of the quality/quantity of food/alcohol that crosses your lips.

12) Practice frugality when ever you can - remember your footprint on nature. Don't buy only because you can. Don't waste only because you can.

13) “In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.” Kindness is probably the most important quality you won't learn - try to.

14) Go out and live life all you want; remember to come back home.

15) Always remember to get travel insurance.

16) Invest some time and energy in perfecting your smile - it can save you in so many ways, so many times.

17) Remember, this too shall pass. In adversity, try to respond, try not to react.

18) Stay away from gossip. Try not to spread them too.

19) Buy gifts when you visit people in their homes - flowers and chocolates will do.

20) Treat people to lunches and dinners - pass the love on.

21) Dress nicely, put in an effort - there's nothing more pleasing than someone who spent 10 mins thinking of how they were going to look for you (no, not just for a special someone).

22) Clean up after yourself, pick yourself up, and fend for yourself - as much as you can.


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