Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Good and great; hard and harder

I was just on a call with a dear friend and we were discussing life choices. We are both looking at career choices in front of us and thinking through the best foot to put forward.

We chanced upon a beautiful realization - that life will always be hard, because it's worth it that way! I remember when I was in high school, my class teachers used to swear that the board exams were the hardest thing we would ever do in our lives. And that if we performed well, we would be settled - into a good college, in a good job, with good friends, with a good partner, with a good family, and in a good deserving life.

They swore by it.

And man we fell for it, like baby cockroaches for the pest spray - all it took was one good whiff of belief.

Today, 7 years after I wrote my 12th grade exams, I sit wondering if life will ever be good.
Because in the pursuit of goodness, we sometimes lose the chance for greatness.

Sometimes good is so attractive, that we fail to see the tiny leap it takes to be great.

I think life is meant to be hard - great comes from hard. And I think we should never just stop at good.

First, good. Then, great. 

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