Thursday, 24 September 2015

Of dreams, of fears

I wrote about fear a few months ago. About fear driving our decisions.. 

Here is some gyan from Seth Godin about that, fear and dreams he says are the opposites of each other. 

Sooner or later, important action taken comes down to this.

Fear: Of being ashamed, feeling stupid, being rejected, being left out, getting hurt, being embarrased, left alone, dying.

Dreams: Of being seen, being needed, becoming independent, relieving anxiety, becoming powerful, making someone proud, fitting in, seen as special, mattering, taken care of, loved.

Marketers put many layers atop these basic needs (horsepower, processor speed, features, pricing, testimonials, guarantees, and more) but it all comes down to dreams and fears.

So here's a crazy idea - how about converting a fear that's being an obstacle into a dream. I am talking about rephrasing here. 

'I fear darkness'
'I dream of conquering the darkness' 

It's the same starting point for both of these statements! It's the outlook that counts. After all we attract and repel the exact things we want and don't want. It's up to us to keep the right things on mind.

Perhaps one other thought that'll help in conquering fear is asking what's the worst that can happen. After which you imagine the calculated risk you're taking in this conquer. If you fear driving cars, you would ask yourself the question, 'What's the worst that can happen?'. The answer is an accident. Follow it up with 'How can I avoid that?'. Difficult to avoid an accident, but you can create environments to minimize the probability of one happening. Drive early in the morning, get yourself an assistant/partner, drive on a deserted patch of road, drive slow. There are an infinite answers to this question. 

The difference is that YOU have converted what was a fear into a dream! 

Happy fearless day, you! 

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