Friday, 7 August 2015

Balance, exists

I learnt something very important today.

I’ve been from the (supposedly) naive school of thought that the world is fair. That there is karma and that things will always even out. That you reap what you sow. That you get what you think. That you are what you do. That luck is indeed a manifestation of what you want. That there is balance, in everything.

And then life happened. And then I started thinking if the world wasn’t fair. That sometimes you don't reap what you sow. That sometimes you don't get what you think. That sometimes you aren’t what you do. That luck is a just luck. That there is imbalance.

And then I came across an amazing piece of information.
My job in one line is looking at a lot of numbers, drawing correlations, and making buying decisions for fashion.
Amidst yet another day of data analysis, I was analyzing the sales trend of a few colors of a certain product.
We have a concept of basic and seasonal colors. Basic colors usually sell in much greater volumes than the seasonal ones.
As I was looking at red color size ratios there was a curve, almost a bell from S to XL. I’ve always thought that there are more average sized people than the extreme sized ones.
And today for the first time, I looked at black size ratios to see that it was a flat line. I couldn’t believe my eyes. But no, it's a flat line. All the different types (sizes) of people are equally spread and what better color to stand proof of this truth.
So yes, as far-fetched as this analogy is, I found new belief in life’s truth through organized data. Karma exists – sometimes a huge circle of life might blind us to this fact. Everything has a balance.

You and I will find ours, eventually!

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