Saturday, 11 July 2015

Dealing with a crisis

I've been going through a personal crisis of sorts and it's taking a toll on the energy left for everything else. 

1 week later as I have painfully realized, here is a list of things you should (must) do when you are going through the same: 

1) Practice patience - this too shall pass. Time will heal. While you wait and sleep on actions, things miraculously change. You feel much better in the morning after a good nights sleep! 

2) Stay positive - this mind of yours is amazingly powerful. It can simulate the worst and the best scenarios, all equally sneaky in messing with your head. Remember to keep the mind in check.
(Don't let your mind think like these veggies) 

3) Expect the worst and the best - I find this technique quite useful if you have a creative mind. Imagine the best and the worst case scenario. Once you do that, you will face the reality of the issue at hand. You will realize that it's all not such a big deal! 

4) Feel lucky and take care of yourself - I can't stress enough on this on. Imagine the best case working out and go to bed, eat healthy and stay away from binge eating (alcohol too), put on your best clothes and your best look and put a smile on your face. 

5) Find your relax routine - mine is stripping my clothes after a long work day, throwing on an old t-shirt, grabbing home cooked dinner with a cold fruit juice, and watching things that make me laugh (kutti chutties, John Oliver, and Tamil movie comedies).

6) Reach out - The most important step of the process - form a board of directors and reach out to them. Meet them, talk to them, and just spend time with them. Your board of directors are typically people who can understand that you are going through something real, are positive, are sensible, and are willing to be there for you. (I have the most amazing board of directors. You know who you are - I am immensely lucky to have you guys)

I am doing every one of these 6 things and I promise you that I feel so much more in control. The crisis is not really one - it can and will be solved. The emotions are not permanent - they can and will transform. 

Life always does! Hold on tight, you're amazing :* 

(Feel free to reach out to me, if you think I can be useful as your crisis board member) 

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