Monday, 20 April 2015

The sound of greatness

The young girl walks up around the foyer and on to the stage. There's an endearing elderly woman on the stage welcoming her with a warm smile. Beside her are a few other men and women, all paying attention to the young girl as she treads on the steps to the stage. After a little hesitation, she lifts her head up in confidence, taking the cue from those on stage.

She walks up to the elderly woman feeling glory right up to the brim of her self.

As she receives the prize, she hears the resounding claps of her friends, teachers, and of the entire school assembly.

She takes it all in.

That's how she'll remember success; every time she does something well, makes something work, helps someone understand something, and goes places.

She remembers the sound of the claps. She remembers her self full of glory. She remembers her ability to make waves. In her own tiny way.


I am thankful to my school for so many things. It made me who I am. And of all the things I learnt at Chettinad, I will remember this - the sound of greatness, the sound of claps.

This particular memory of mine, is not just my own. It is that of every student who studied in my school. We were given the opportunity to shine at whatever we chose - even if it was the greatness of showing up at school without taking one day of absence in a whole school year. My correspondent, Meena Aunty as we called her and her team of management, is skilled at creating stars - stars of all kinds.

My confidence comes from a place of worthiness. A place with foundations my school and teachers helped build.

I replay this moment in my head when I need courage, when I need assurance that I can do something.



And as I write this I recall another memory of mine. The great Abdul Kalam once visited my school for a science expo. I've never been in the presence of anyone so great up until that day. Standing with all my school mates, we cheered for him as he entered the auditorium. We clapped. We clapped. And we clapped.

Until there were tiny tears in my eyes.

Many would call it a Rajnikanth moment. A super star moment.

And as he started speaking, we listened intently. One could hear a pin drop in that big room with all those students.

Today, I don't remember what he said. But I definitely remember how I felt being there. I remember feeling greatness. I remember celebrating his success through our claps. Claps.


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