Monday, 6 April 2015

Less, but better

I watched this lovely video, where Greg Mckeown talks about essentialism! If you have an hour for tv shows, watch this instead :)

Less, but better.

More, needn't be the only way to go. The alternative is less, but better.

Focus, clarity, and effectiveness are the key thought principles of this idea - essentialism.

Mckeown talks about the opposite of our recent obsession with the undisciplined pursuit of more and proposes - the disciplined pursuit of less. Meetings all day, calendars scheduled from 7AM till 10PM, discussions with lunch, presentations with dinner. This sort of a life builds up more and more when you are climbing up the career ladder.

I am not even on a career ladder yet, and I find myself in not-so-productive meetings, just because.

Outside work, I obsess with how much I have on my plate. I try to do a lot of things, because that seems to be the only way to go.

Recently, I realized something when I was speaking to a wiser, older friend. He is a very busy man, a very typical A-game player. He's always doing something, somewhere! He shared his secret though - while he schedules meetings and dinners, he also schedules thinking time. Time that is untouchable - friends, family, and team. He calls it his synthesis time.

There's a similar story about the great Bill Gates. He used to shut himself up in a cabin for a week, and process ideas for the future of his company. He calls it his think week!

Mckeown also touches on priority, the singular and not priorities, the plural as we have made it in the 21st century! A bulb went off in my head when I heard that.

This week, I am narrowing my thoughts and efforts to my priority - at work and outside. One step at a time, I am going to try out this approach!

Good luck to you!

Remember, less but better!

PS: I've just ordered his book on amazon, more to come after the reading! 

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