Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A beautiful gem-less day

Today I feel beautiful! 
I woke up feeling refreshed. I got some emails sorted out. I had a good breakfast. I unwinded with scenes from a favourite movie as I ate. I got some work done. I switched on some music, showered, put on my new white shirt, and left for work. And as I type this, the music is still on! 

Mornings like this, before work are amazing.. It might be the fact that I read something amazing first thing in the morning, here ( 

I visualized this - me and my empty fuss-free self. There is no inner gem; I am protecting nothing. Am here to do some good, share some knowledge, learn some tricks, and spread some love. There's absolutely nothing inside that needs guarding and defending. No gem. I don't have to be right/competent/smart in everyone's eyes. 

And just so similarly, everyone has their own gem - things they are guarding and holding up. Their reactions and actions are to do with their gem and not mine. Hey, I don't even have a gem! 

I'll try this one day at a time! Today is gem-free! Today is ego-free!

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