Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Unconditional love for self

This just arrived in my inbox.. 

Unconditional love for self is a choice. Yes we have goals, dreams, and wishes. However, looking forward to these things shouldn't get in the way of perceiving the reality in less glamour! 

It shouldn't be a tendency to push this reality down in order to climb on to higher steps. I guess the present is always in a sadder, pitiful place from that perspective. 

This is you. These arms, these legs, this stomach, this smile, this walk, this home, these friends, this lover, these parents, this dog, this work, this company and this impact. This is all you(rs). 

Relish it! 

'I am great, I am beautiful, I am awesome and this day I am going to make all those things about me even better!' 

Happiness and contentment are choices we need to consciously make! 

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