Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Measuring customer service, inch by inch

Working in a field that is Customer Service at the crux and spending so much of my conscious thought on inspiring people to want to give good customer service, I look for good examples of the same everywhere.

Flight journeys are times when the genuineness of the customer service is obvious. I enjoy taking notes of their behaviour/training from my seat! I am yet to travel on a flight that gives awesome customer service. Might be because I frequent the MAA-SIN route more than any other, and because of which my data points are rather concentrated.

I had an epiphany earlier today while being onboard a flight from MAA. The difference in good customer service, from a bad one - lies in the gestures you make, in your entire body language.

The steward who came to give me food, bent down, asked for my meal preference, and placed the food on my tray; no other glamorous moves. The steward who came to collect my tray, stood there, with his hand stretched out, at about 1 inch (no exaggerations) away from the tray. I didn't notice him for a full 30 seconds, after which I lifted the tray, by that 1 inch, for the hand to collect it.

Now this 1 inch, is customer service. Or should I say customer satisfaction?

I was happy to hand him the tray, completely. What baffled me was that he stood there, without any speech, without any motion, but with his single demanding gesture of a stretched out hand barely short of the tray's reach.

If he had gone for grabbing the tray, I would have gladly put forth my help too. He would have made me feel thankful for having such help. Instead here I am writing a blog post about him.

Customer satisfaction, is going that extra inch to help your customers. You offer kindness and gratitude, for which they offer loyalty to your brand. We practice such gestures at UNIQLO - welcoming the customer once they are enter the store, offering assistance, using both hands to hand/take anything to/from the customer, smiling in all interactions, and thanking the customer for having visited us. I feel glad to have been trained so rigorously in giving this small inch of satisfaction to my customer. 

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