Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Hello 2015!

Its a whole new year and I am full of hope! Who isn't! 
I read a article earlier in the day about how just 8% of the people succeed in their new year resolutions every year. 

Who cares about statistics, hope is the whole point of existence! I want to do so many things in this year. And as these thoughts come by, I can't resist to firstly think of the year that has gone by. 
It was my first new year as an adult.
It was my first whole year of complete accountability.
It was the first whole year of salary. 

The first half of the year was great, I was in the glory of tiny successes at work. I was motivated by the recognition I got. I worked crazy hours and I was happy.
1) Increased expectations for myself: I intend to give up my usual pushover self. And to practice my strong will a lot more, actually in everything I do this year. At work, this would overhaul the way I have been dealing with things. I am breathing fresh air into all my projects as I write this. 2) Staying positive: It's the only way that works. Worrying, mourning, and bawling has helped nothing and no one. I should know that by now. 3) Staying calm: I display way too much emotions than I intend to. I have been a reactive person. I wish to change that and be a responsive person. Armed with these principles, I wish to go uphill on the path of learning! Perhaps the equation below will sum up my goals for the year :) 

The second half was spent in mourning; in doubt. I am still quite unsure why and what sparked the whole movement of backlash in my head. I think I was taking it out on myself. Work slowed down and I wasn't getting enough challenges. Rather, I was blind to all the opportunities that came by.
And as I recollect all those emotions, acknowledge them, and put them aside in the 2014 box, I feel like I am in a better place. I don't feel so light headed as I used to. I have thought about this coming year and I want it to be along the following things/themes:

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