Thursday, 1 January 2015


I was watching Amelie (again) earlier in the day, and there is this scene where she walks away after helping an old man find his time capsule, from 40 years ago. It is pretty much the turning point of the movie. I love that movie. Absolutely. It captures small pleasures of life in the most astonishing way. It makes you want to work hard; to take initiative; to do things - all to stay and spread 'happy'. Because, quite simply, life is better that way. 

Let's talk about that scene. Below are the translated dialogues from that scene, in which she sees the fruit of her pursuit in helping a man remember good times. 

Amélie suddenly feels in perfect harmony with herself.
everything's perfect: the softness of the light, 
that little scent in the air, the peaceful sounds of the city .
Life seems so simple and crystal-clear that she's swept 
by this desire to help the all mankind. 

THIS my friends is the feeling I am referring to - the wind is in your hair; your eyes are sparkling; your smile is starring across the content face; your arms are swinging away; your walk is telling a story. And sometimes, that familiar feeling makes your stomach go funny. It starts in your stomach, rides up the throat, touching the heart on the way, and reaches your mouth. And if the intensity is stronger it rises up to your eyes and causes tears to well.

Some call it delight, some satisfaction, and some contentment. It's the feeling that fills you up entirely.   

You glow. 

After these times of satisfaction. 

You glow. 

At the evidence of your better self.

You glow. 

When you feel like a million bucks.

You glow. 

When you are infinite. 

You glow in the bravest of moments, after you accomplished something that you've been struggling with. You glow at times of sharing, from jedi to padawan. You glow at moments of seeing your hard work take form. You glow when you help someone. 

And there is this one lovely tweak to this phenomenon. You glow when you see someone else glow! 

For this glow, I wish; that this 2015 will be full of it - for me and you !

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