Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Pop music? Do fathers sing it? Or do they say 'pop' all the time?

Caution: Post ahead describes the life of an extreme noob when it comes to good music. Practice patience if you grew up on the other end of the rainbow! 

I sat amidst two friends two nights ago as they discussed rock bands and pop culture in India in the late 90s. I felt left out for most of the conversation and didn't have much to contribute. 

Fictional zoom to late 90s in my home..

D: Amma I want to go to this pop concert. May I?
A: Pop ah. Ethuku di chellam athelam? What do you get out of living an American life? We are in India. Let's stay grounded to this reality. Life isn't what those Americans live on your 'friends' tv show. There's a lot more to it... 

And she would go on and on and on

And btw when she said 'there's a lot more to life' she really meant 'there's a lot more culture to life'

Now mind you, this is a fictional zoom. Eventhough my mom has brought up the 'American life in friends' reference for anything remotely out of line - like ordering pizza. 

I as a kid until I was 13 did not know of a world of pop. I only knew Michael Jackson and thought that what he sang was called pop music, thanks to a particular uncle who loved listening to his CDs.

I am not sure which part of my childhood I owe thanks to (probably my mom), I grew up with a good overdose of Rahman, Kollywood and a rare influence of Bollywood. My family had no branches outside of Tamilnadu up until the late 90s. So that ruled out the possibility of bandha Bombay cousins and cool Calcutta second cousins who would influence my taste in music with exotic foreign elements. 

I grew up listening to Vijay and Ajith mouth Vairamuthu's Tamil lyrics. The source was radio stations that blared Tamil movie songs 24*7. That was my comfort zone. Then there was Shah Rukh Khan in Uyire - thanks to which I proudly know a few words of Hindi. That was the maximum I extended my music knowledge to. 

I know what you're thinking now. You're thinking I am one of those girls that attended every classical music recital in the 20km radius around my house dressed in a pattu paavadai. Sadly, you're wrong. The only classical music I knew was 'Igiri Nandhini' because we had to sing it in school prayers every Friday. 

Either this background or my own weird self is the reason for my inclination towards a non existent music life. Even to this day, I don't know the latest songs or what's on top 100 on billboard. I junk through spotify in search of some soul/blues/jazz when I am feeling smart. At other times, I settle for piano or guitar instrumental - because it soothes me. 

So that's it - that's the life of a music noob. 
Randomness apart, have a good week!

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