Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Is it too soon to give up?

For you one month is too soon, for him one year is too soon and for her one decade is too soon. 

When do you give up?

- when you feel let down
- when you don't grow
- when you only seem to be stuck
- when you stop learning
- when you stop innovating
- when you don't give it a 100% anymore
- when you get negative results
- when you get disapproved 
- when it's not morally right 

What about this then?
What about when you don't feel noticed at all?
What about when you are the nonchalance? 

What do you do at such testing times?
Do you fight back and say 'I will go forth' 'I will stay' 'I will do everything to move'?
Or do you give up? Do you accept defeat, learn a lesson, and still move on?

Where do you draw a line? 

| Chulbuli

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