Sunday, 27 April 2014

What do you see?

A friend shared something on Facebook, something disturbing. It was a portrayal of fairytale princesses juxtaposed on the common issues faced by women. The artist has gone to the extremes of assuming everything that would go wrong after the fairytale ended and depicted her assumed reality in powerful images. It is an amazing tableau.

Take a look at the work here, and I have warned you. Even if you only know a tiny thing or two about them fairytales, it will disturb you.

I was so sad, going through these images; after having my fairytale endings shattered with pessimism. I had a lot of after thought - is this true? Would all this have really happened if the pages continued after the happily ever after?

Now, I understand that the artist wants to do this very consciously, that she wants to light up issues affecting women around the world through something that is very close to our hearts. In an interview she has even said that little girls being so obsessed with princesses inspired her to start this project.

However, I can't stop myself from thinking about the optimistic ending to these stories.

Snow White could have conquered family and career. We could have seen the struggle AND the victory (She could have hired a help to clean the house as well!)

Cinderella could be helping alcohol addicts revive their lives.

Rapunzel could have survived cancer, and shown us what she can do.

Red riding hood could be taking care of old people and helping them figure out happiness.

Maybe I am too optimistic for this world, and I can go on.

I just think there are two ways of looking at a cup - it's either half full or half empty!

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