Thursday, 5 December 2013

A year of surprises - !

It was my birthday yesterday. I turned 22 years young and bought myself some red lipstick to feel the glam. 

I pray for a year of surprises and resolve to 'say yes before saying no'. And by that I mean, think twice before rejecting a new idea or opportunity. By that route, I hope to step on to a year of surprises! 

And so since it was my birthday inaugurating this wish for surprises - I hoped for two wishes and two gifts (come on, who doesn't like them!). 


You always want to feel special on your birthday. It's that burning need cutting through your being; atleast for me. I wear my crown with pride that day; you can see it in my walk, if you look closely. 

And following all those emotions, I expect wishes from near and far; from love and hate. 

Reality - Some people whom I expected to call forgot it was my birthday, some loved ones stayed loyal and made me feel special with calls from across the seas, some wished me today morning, and most importantly, some of whom I had forgotten remembered to think of me. 


I don't need a separate heading here. But just that my expectations for the day were divided into 3 main segments and gifts was one of them. 

Reality - I got none.

(I am lying, I made my parents spend a bit of their fortune and buy me a very fancy watch. Reason - they bought it for me when I visited them and not ON my birthday!)


I like to think that I love surprises!

Reality - The night ended with someone calling me joker lookalike for wearing red lipstick. Not so glam, afterall.

I was rightly surprised at the end of the day as I went to bed! It all slowly came together. I indeed got my day full of surprises - starting from the first wish to the last; from the first meal to the last.  

Oh and I also spent an hour with a very successful (and rightly so) and lovely woman! It was an hour spent in awe for the way she framed her answers to all my curious questions. In retrospect - I couldn't have asked for a better gift! 

Today, I am happier as I count those meals and conversations as my wishes, gifts, and surprises :) 

And so, to a year of surprises, I raise a glass! 

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