Tuesday, 8 October 2013

What job did you hire her for?

I have been reading a thoroughly insightful book about the fundamentals of life - it's called 'How will you measure your life?' by a man who 'just gets it' - Clayton Christensen.

I am not entirely done with the book and I can't recommend it enough; already. If not for anything else you must read it for the principle about relationships. He suggests you question every relationship with this - 'what job is this person hiring you for?'. When you answer it you see the relationship from the other persons point of view; you see their expectations; you see their side of the picture. Once you decide this relationship means something to you, you gotta give everything you have to complete that job for that person. 

I understand that it can't apply to all the relationships we keep, but it certainly clarifies what lens I should be looking at my personal-and-close-to-heart relationships through. 

How powerful! Do read the book! It'll make you pause and ask the right questions :)

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