Friday, 27 September 2013

Learning from mistakes

It was a bad day at work. My very first of many more, as I have come to realize. I did not know how to react when things went wrong and started to fall apart. Stage 1 was denial as usual. And then I went through complain, acceptance, realization, and humor - through the day.

I was angry, mostly at myself; confused, at what I was doing; impatient, because I wanted to get away.

Making mistakes is an important part of the learning process. But being the person I am, I like to think that I don't make mistakes; that I am thorough. That itself was my first mistake. 

Refusing to acknowledge what had happened led to me being unfocused, adding some more smaller stones to the bucket of mistakes.

I was devising plans of quitting by now. How I'll resign; what I'll tell my mentors; what I'll do instead; and I also managed to cover which jobs I'll apply for.

And finally, like I always do with other things - I wanted to run away from the problem. When you are working in an environment like mine, you realize how that's near impossible. 

Thankfully, I reached realization by now and started working on my errors. I called it a bad day and did my best. I wrote down my errors and acknowledged them. I also wrote down what I'll do to make them go away. 

This was a long overdue lesson. Today, am happy; I know exactly why I am doing what I am doing; and I know how I am doing everything consciously. Today, I feel powerful, knowing that yesterday was just the day that had to be! 

It takes courage - but do it, face your mistakes, and make a sincere effort to acknowledge them. I know I will strive hard to not repeat all that again. 

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