Saturday, 11 May 2013

How Google became my grandmother

I was talking to a retail entrepreneur about her journey in the industry so far. She spoke of her inspiration, her interests, and her dreams for the retail experience in the future. As we were going through different perspectives on our common interests, she brought up the idea of how help is so much closer to our reach than ever before in history.

She spoke of simpler times when one had to go look up encyclopedias to understand a concept. She spoke of the labour went into gaining knowledge; of how that affects the experience of understanding; of how one feels after gaining the knowledge.

And she contrasted that with the current day scenario where one simply looks up the concept on Google only to get 100,000 results in 0.04 seconds, as opposed to spending hours in the library.

I thought about how Google has indeed become my grandmother once I moved out of home. Pimple problem, math doubt, travel log, society interaction, and pasta recipe. It has got everything you need. It has summed up communication and access to information into a simple package for the user.

It is a wonderful time to be alive indeed!

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