Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Mind wandering causes unhappiness?

I have been under an extreme time crunch these past few days - all in an concerted effort to produce a good thesis. My productivity has been higher than typical days, driven by my deadlines. And the pressure to perform these past 1-2 weeks, has kept me very aware of my mindfulness. 

I was able to catch myself drifting away from the work and thinking of unimportant, irrelevant thoughts. And like Killingsworth says above, more often unpleasant than pleasant things. This was a heavily detrimental cycle, as I would bring myself back to my work and make myself focus on what was important. 

I wasted a lot of time doing this, in spite of having good productivity levels, overall. I recollect how mom always asked me to focus only on what I do. A time when she used to observe this a lot was during meal times. I used to check my phone, talk on it, watch television, read a book, or even clean my room as I had meals. 

Afterall, 'Zen is doing one thing at a time'. The goal for the next ten days, is to observe my focus levels, continue to work on meditation, and to see if I am improving. I have also signed up on

I'll report back in ten days! 

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