Sunday, 17 February 2013

It can't be a collection of whatevers

If you're a regular here, you know how much of a slave I am for sincere conversation. Me and two other girl friends were indulging in one, a couple of nights back. We spoke about our lives, our mothers, our dreams, our lessons and our prejudices.

The most important thing that stood out from that night for me, was this - Days can't be collections of whatevers. "For one who does not know to which harbour to sail to, every wind is unfavourable!" Of course we don't know if that is the final destination, but at any point in time we must work towards something.

Yes, process matters at the end of the day. And even that process is directed at a goal! Days are too short to be taken as they come. What is the joy if there isn't a challenge or a struggle or a fight?

I have often anticipated pangs of joy or guilt, if something was to go right or wrong. But every single time, I have been disappointed with my emotions. I have never felt as happy as I thought I'd feel. I have never felt as sad as I thought I'd feel. The process pretty much determines the magnitude of importance of a particular experience. It is in this process, where lies the challenge. And that is why I can't just let it be and that is why I need to keep pushing my game up. 

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