Sunday, 3 February 2013

Burning bridges

I had a very insightful conversation with older and wiser friends yesterday. It got me thinking about relationships and what we do in order to keep them.

I have had a bad history of relationships in my childhood. I am not that kid who is still friends with her first standard class mate. People change, you change, things change. That said I think I learnt a valuable lesson of keeping relationships when I went through a major break up when I was 14. (Sounds extremely silly in retrospect, but that is the point of this post in a way. To value relationships for what they are, when they are!)

Since that drama between 14 year old girls who did not know what they were doing, I have strived harder to be there for someone, to take help from someone, and to keep a relationship with someone.

"Don't let a little dispute, injure a great relationship", goes a buddhist saying.

Burning bridges might not be the best solution at hand. Forgive and forget. If you feel your space has been violated, you don't need to make it up, but you can let it be. Nothing good ever comes out of cutting someone completely out our lives. In this world full of 7 billion people, think of the number of relationships we get to keep. A tiny meagre number.

I have tried burning the bridge and staying reachable. I can say with my heart on a plate that the second technique makes me a happier person. What else are we here for anyway?

Today, it is a reminder to myself; to keep forgiving and forgetting; to keep the path boulder-free. I will be at the other end of the stick and I would need the same treatment from someone. A chance!

Thanks to some wonderful and not-so-kind people I have met over all these years. Every one of you has given me love and lessons. 

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