Friday, 25 January 2013

Mrs Dalloway

A recent way of doing things has been recording them. Memories are rarely etched graphically forever. I realized how I had forgotten tiny details of a lot of things from the past, over time. I am not one of those people who remembers events to their minute details and speaks of them elaborately even after 10 years. And in retrospect it would have been nice to remember these things.

I watch a lot of movies. Good ones. Bad ones. Tardy ones. Wanton ones. I have vowed to write reviews and after thoughts on my blog. It helps to revisit these memories!

Mrs Dalloway. I am addicted to victorian age movies. BBC is to blame for the most part. I enjoy the absolutely detailed and specific lives of old english men, the grandeur of living and dressing of english women, the dedication of the housekeepers, the strong human emotions and relationships of the characters. Or atleast the portrayal of these.

It was amusing to see Mrs Dalloway pick her groom. It made me think of the things we assume we want from a relationship, which turn into things we wish we never wished for. 'Not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck', goes a Buddhist saying.

Sally goes, 'You may think me sentimental, but I have come to believe that the only thing worth saying is what you feel'. In reply, Peter goes, 'Well I don't know what I feel... I know that I loved her once and that it stayed with me all my life and that it coloured everything'. 

And one final lovely dialogue, 'What does the brain matter, compared to the heart'. 

Re-watch: Oh yes!

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