Friday, 25 January 2013

Don't take the first NO

Learnings come in simple little moments; like one subtle wisp of fragrance in your breath.

I got a rejection from an institution yesterday. While the details of the story are not essential, what stuck was a wiser friend's words. 'Don't take the first No'. I have never been good at pushing my way through. I am a staunch believer in what I deserve.

Lately, I have come to realize that, that belief can be blinding. While it is true that I will deserve what I do, it is important for me to ensure that I have provided all the information necessary to the concerned party. This process can be a long one and need not stop with the first exchange.

Let's take a case. I ask Mr A, if he can help me sort out a certain issue. Mr A objects. That's a rejection. The lesson I learnt will ensure I go back to Mr A and give more information about my issue; information that will possibly revoke his interest.

In essence, I will refuse to take the first No. What's the harm in trying, anyway?

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