Sunday, 27 January 2013

A Woman of Substance

I love stories of strong-willed women. It gives me the hope that I can indeed leave a mark on earth. This movie is about a young yorkshire kitchen maid, Emma Harte, in the late 1890s creating her fortune and building her business empire.

The movie starts with her hard work as a maid and shows her using hatred as the feed for her success in life - hatred against the world, hatred that she was never a part of gentry. She transforms that into manure for her life. She yearns to become rich and build a fortress around her and her dear ones.

Looks like it is true that you need to feel like an outcast to make it big. I was watching Obama speak earlier in the day, in an interview with Ellen, before he became the president. He said, "I have been motivated because I feel I have been an underdog, I am not likely to be here; you don't find that many presidential candidates named Barack Obama..."

Many surprising twists in the story for a strong willed woman. You can see how she loses control over her marital life now and then. I guess every story has a two sides. The good and the bad. The right and the wrong. She succeeded in one part of her life by giving up in some others. I guess you need to "Judge success by what you have given up". 

The movie even threw light on human greed, when her children get too ambitious and forget their mother's sacrifice. Emma Harte was a brave, smart and willed woman. The movie ends with her saying, "I hope my grandchildren discover the secret of life - To endure"

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