Sunday, 2 December 2012

#4 - Sibling

From value lessons to inanimate things that matter to people who mean the world to me. I have come to the last few posts of this project.

This one is about my dear sibling. I have refrained from naming people so far when it came to friends, but this just has to be done. This is about Athiba. (Yes, both of us get a lot about his name being peculiar/unique. As much as I wonder what my parents were thinking, I am glad his name stays in the minds of people due to its character)

A gem of a person to be around. I remember when I was very young, there were days when I hated him and all the attention he got. I despised his closeness to people, his ability to form quick friends and his lack of inhibition to ask for things. He was the naughty kid while I was the chammathu (obedient) kid. Which means I am quiet until asked to speak, I don't disturb people unless prodded to and I don't ask for things (ever).

Today both of us have swapped some of those characters, mutated into each others habits and most importantly learnt from each other. I am not that shy kid anymore, even though that part likes to take a peak once in a while. He is not the naughty kid anymore, even though some of his actions indicate the signs of a rebel living inside him.

I did not realize I would grow to depend on him this much. I did not realize one can love and respect you without asking for those things in return. I did not know one can be there for you exactly when you need him. I did know that one can hear your silence over an electronic line and know exactly what to say (or not). I did know one can make you smile no matter what is wrong in your day. I did not know one can bear my short temper with such knowing. I did not know one can get you so much. I did not know one can love you so much. I did not know once can make you be all these and much more for them in return.

This post ended up sounding like a Facebook photo caption from a hormone infested teen. I think teens are emotion overdosed but they do get a lot of things. They do dive deep into the well of psychology in their 15 year old minds. Haha, never thought I would say this.

Thank you for giving me my brother, God. I can't imagine not knowing him. He has made me proud so many times with his little acts of kindness and care. I know he will make me fat with tyres of uninhibited love for the rest of our lives.

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