Monday, 3 December 2012

#3 - Father

Here is a man I respect for he leads by example.

I remember when he used to teach me maths up until I was 10. Mom was the officer for all subjects except maths. It used to be such a terror to study with him. He was strict and did not like mistakes. He would give me the project list for the day and come back at night to see what I had done. We would go through my workings and I would get my maths fixed. Those days have flown out of the window. We discuss my civil engineering subjects on the surface once in a blue moon but that is all the academics we talk about. 

I love to hear his stories - how he ran away from his secondary school in Trichy because it was too far from home, how thatha (grandfather) employed someone to watch him while he attended class because of that, how he interacted with his family, how he was brought up by a strict man himself, how college canteen food was fun, how his english boss in his first consultancy job spite the Indian in him, how he decided to come back home, how he set up his company in Chennai, how he faced debts and struggles to become his own man and till how he dreams for his family. 

And oh so much more. 

He is the silent parent. He speaks little and he means every word he says. He knows when to let me go and when to hold me tight. He stands for honesty much like thatha. He loves his coffee and driving. He can never say no if you really want it. He taught me to chat-up store owners and vendors. He taught to me take things lightly. He taught me to think about the present and the future and not sit on the past. He taught me to not gossip (I try to limit it to as little as I can, I promise!). He taught me to be funny. He taught me to be independent (as much as he might not like it when I take the concept too seriously). He taught me about believing in people. He taught me respect.

I can't do enough to do justice to any post about him. He has taught me everything I know and means the world to me. I miss the physicality of our warm fuzzy love. 

I love you apeas. Always. 

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