Tuesday, 4 December 2012

#1 - Giving back

It is above all my principles, inanimate things and relationships. It is as I see it the purpose of my existence. I have taken many things from nature and society, growing up - I still am. Principle of reciprocity applies everywhere and to this too. Having taken so much and having learnt so much from this planet, it is surely my duty to give back?

I believe so.

Every learning that I learnt so far; Every person that means to me presently; Every thought I ever had; Every deed I ever did; Every skill I ever acquired - they all culminate into this for me. To make one nice package and give it back.

In a few months I will be done with my university. And most probably this is the last of my formal education. Because I can't wait to learn from the real world and from my real mistakes. And in whatever I do, I will imbibe giving back as a part of my journey. Because there is nothing like seeing someone finding you useful; there is nothing like giving a hand to those who need it; there is nothing like sharing and growing together.

With a little bit of my hippie self, a dash of art, a spoon of effectiveness and management, a kilo of community and condiments of thought bubbles (like below) from artists's like Austin Kleon, I hope to make my journey my own unique experience.

To the journey henceforth. 

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