Wednesday, 28 November 2012

#8 - Relationships

I have had my fair share of infatuations over the years. Details aside, they have all taught me one thing - to never take a person for granted. I wish I had known this way before hormones kicked in. As always life has a way of teaching you lessons.

From believing myself to be a romantic, I have come to see that I am rather pragmatic when it comes to these things. And that has been an important realization.

I have learnt to woman up and put those memories for keepsake-ing. I smile when I think of the innocent, gullible joys of meaningless conversation. I smile in gratitude and shame.

I think it takes a lot to be in a relationship and I hold those who are doing a good job in high respect. It takes courage to be there for someone.

When I believe myself mature enough for this phase of life, I will look forward to taking it up.

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