Thursday, 29 November 2012

#7 - Grownup friendships

I used to find it easier to make friends with people older than me, than with people who were as old as me. Over the years I have come to feel thankful for that.

A lot of things amuse me about people who have lived longer. You know how we always become older and think back about what we were like when we were younger? These are the people who are some timesteps ahead of you in that box of thinking. They know exactly what you are going through. It is as if you can see a snap shot of your future in their thoughts. It could be opinions or just the way they think.

'Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.'

It is not just mistakes, its experience itself. There is so much one can learn from the way older people deal with things. It could be the way to do things or the way to not do things. Their maturity (usually under normal circumstances, they are more mature) inspires me.

I can't begin to detail the importance of some grownup friendships in my life so far. Thank you every one of you - for being there, for letting me be foolish, for teaching me lessons in your own way. I will always strive to work our relationship.

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