Friday, 30 November 2012

#6 - Friendships

University is the time friends become family. This post goes out to my closest circle of friends. I could not have made it through these days without you guys.

I used to prefer keeping family and friends separate. But here I learnt to let friends and family overlap. You start to allow substitutions to occur. I go to my friends when mom is not around to hug, when dad is not around to throw a tantrum at and when home is not there to provide spatial comfort.

'If you were close, the closeness never dies'
And then there are those friendships that stand the test of time, geography, relevance and difference. They stand tall. Because the closeness never dies. Because when you care you can never let it go.

I am sure more of these relationships will go through patches in the coming years, but I am ready to fight for them - to give in, to forgive, to forget and to remember.

To lifelong relationships and to growing old together.

Project 21

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