Thursday, 8 November 2012

#5 - Oral Presentation

Goal - Internalize the material; give three take-aways for the audience to remember
Result - Drew more on story; stressed less on the points

Our research project about Singapore being a 'City of Art' was a topic I very deeply felt about and that gave me a natural push to be motivated about this topic which helped a lot in my preparation. During the delivery itself, I inclined towards the story and set-up the mood for the rest of the presentation.

Goal - Reduce speed of speech delivery; speak effectively
Result - Succeeded with the speed; could have been more cheerful

As a habit, I tend to speak faster than what one would consider a slower pace. I have been feed-backed on this by my wonderful classmates in my peer teaching session and I took this opportunity to work on my speed. My team members and I had decided to be as formal as we can. That ended up looking grave to the audience and that is my biggest regret of the day. I still hope that the effectiveness of delivery was not compromised on.

Use of slides
Goal - Don't use slides as a support for speech but rather to illustrate speech
Result - Succeeded with slides

As for the slides, the HBR article that appeared on my reader feed became an excellent source of information of how I should tone and arrange them. I tried to switch between reality and hope for future as much as I could.

In all, I walked out of the room feeling good about my presentation for the day. I really wish that I smiled a little bit though. While I was making eye contact with the audience I kept wondering why everyone was serious. I recollect noticing a trace of smile on Tasha and Brad, occasionally.

This question was a HUGE bubble in my head until Brad popped it and told me how I was extremely serious when I spoke. I understood that it was my death-stare that provoked the seriousness among the audience. Theory of reciprocity eh?

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