Friday, 30 November 2012

#5 - Curiosity

Questioning and analyzing.

Curiosity about the world is an important aspect of my everyday. I need to know why I am doing something and if it is important at all. I want to know why there must be holidays, why we have a 5 day work week, when lizards became domestic pests, why romantic comedies are most girls favourite genre of movies (even when some of us hate to admit it), why laptops can't come with better sound quality, why each of has a preference of colours, why we are different, why are the same and why being intelligent is what everyone wants. 

I used to have a tougher time asking these questions out aloud though. I shrugged at the risk of sounding dumb or naive. Over the years I have gotten better at it. I ask questions when I don't understand something. I say, 'I don't get that' without shame. 

More importantly, I know what it is like to not understand something. I know what it is like when someone else is asking me a question. That learning has been equally important. I know I should be patient and explain it to them if that's what the situation needs. I know that it is okay to not understand. I know that it is wiser to ask questions that not understand. 

Curiosity is the basis of our evolution. It took a while for me to understand the concept of questioning. Soon I hope to learn how to ask the right questions. I am sure that is a huge journey in itself!

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