Thursday, 15 November 2012

#21 - Forgiving

History holds many an example for the values of forgiving; for the greatness of forgiving.

'Forgiving does not make the person who hurt you feel better, it makes you feel better'

Ever since I learnt the importance of this act I have tried to practice it. It's been tough; but I am getting there. Not everything works the way we wish it to. Not everything works according to Plan A. That's the whole point of having 25 other alphabets.

Why do we need to forgive? It helps get past the issue. Why did this issue arise? There was a gap between expectation and reality. How did this gap get created? There was a difference in the amounts of information known. It's as simple as that. I am amazed at how the difference in information available to different parties can be the cause of many trivial emotions in our everyday. Miscommunication happens. Arguments happen. That does not mean we should get cross with our friends. I wonder how many people we'll be left with if we punish everyone for thinking and wanting different.

I think my biggest take-away has been to take misunderstandings as a lesson. A friend did not agree with what I said? A friend said/did something that hurt in order to protect their interest? I choose to forgive them. Forgive them and tell them you did so because you care for them much more than a simple misunderstanding.

I feel good when I do get past the hard iron bubble of giving in. I feel good when I get past the issue. I feel good that I chose to be the bigger person. For all I know, they forgave me too!

I wish this learning to stay for life. I will strive to work on it.

Project 21

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