Sunday, 18 November 2012

#19 - Kindness in speech

I am blunt and straight forward, I don't walk around the park (usually). This tendency makes me look like a person who is unkind. Someone who does not care for the other party's feelings.

I am working on it. I honestly am. My candor has reduced by huge amounts. I resist my strong urge to argue with anyone who believes in something absolutely atrocious. I resist the urge to give them a piece of my mind. I don't want to enforce my opinion on anyone, these days. My opinion shall be mine and shall guide only my judgement.

While that is one part of the agenda the other is to improve on kindness. I find people who don't give their opinion decidedly to be the people who are good at getting things done (It is a very superficial connection, I have drawn and a very debatable one too). And because of their reservation, these are people who look kind on first look. I can never be that person. If you stick around long enough you'll eventually find these people to be indifferent or nonchalant, though.

I can't be reserved, but I want to be kind. I want to be kinder when I disagree. I want to agreeably disagree. They say it is a great skill if you know how to work it! I want to be able to listen and understand where they come from. I want to show them I care. And I want to tell them what I think. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Try arguing with someone with these things in mind. And you'll see what a challenge it is! I get so carried away in the argument I fail to show my concern (often).

'Panniva anba pesu' 
(Speak with humility and kindness) 

The number of times Amma stresses on this aspect of speech is countless till this day. I am working on it dee, I promise :)

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