Tuesday, 20 November 2012

#16 - Keeping in touch

Keeping in touch is an art.

I was talking about gracing different paths and about letting go, yesterday. I have realized that while we do that it is easy to forget to keep in touch. Today, I recount the importance of keeping in touch. A good friend moved countries for his job and it was from his efforts I slowly picked up the ropes of keeping in touch. We take relationships for granted and lose the closeness over a while coz we were just too busy to keep in touch. Yes there are other reasons for friendships to not last, but we shouldn't overlook this one. 

This has been a huge learning with respect to friends from school. In the first year of university we were talking every other day and a lot of conversations were happening every where. The curve turned down, the circle closed up and slowly dwindled to the closest of friends. 

While situations and outlooks change, a part of the soul and the memories remain. If we were friends once we can always be friends. I believe in so much. It is only a matter of whether you choose to be. It takes a lot of effort and a lot of courage. 

I hope to strive to keep this learning close!

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