Wednesday, 21 November 2012

#15 - Thanking people

It simply creates good vibes. In your senses by feeling grateful, in the receiver's senses for being recognized.

We are socially dependent creatures who love expressing ourselves. In the process of this interaction, one thing we look for is recognition and acceptance. The greatest fear is the fear of rejection by the community isn't it?

It's easy to say everyone is satisfying their duty by doing their part. There have been times when I did the same but felt like getting some assurance by those around me. Yes we know, in the ideal world - we must muster up our self-confidence and do what makes us happy without expecting the world to approve of it. And yes we also know that ideal state is imaginary.

Executing this learning started with thanking random people like shopkeepers and bus drivers. At one point I was ready to thank friends and family. I don't believe in not thanking friends and family, a thank-you makes anyone's day brighter!

I have though what I think is a peculiar problem. What I am yet to do is make eye-contact while thanking people. The percentage of times I make eye-contact is negligible. I wonder why this is a problem - is there a deep psychological issue underlying this behaviour?

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