Thursday, 22 November 2012

#14 - Sincerity

If you know me you know I am loyal (only to the causes I believe in of course). A word is a word and I have to keep to it.

Having principles is one thing, keeping to them is another. I made a promise when I left for university - that I would work hard to prove myself worthy. However like a lot of things that I experimented with in the first two years of university, academics was one.

I was always the good kid in school. I did my work on time and studied when I had to. I was not the smartest but I put in a good amount of commitment into my school days. University was the time to let go of that character. I did not study, not even in the last minute. I just did not care. I did not realize what I was letting go off when I decided to neglect academics. All the lovely opportunities NUS offers, flew out of the window without the slightest protest.

I remember telling my friend - 'This is my turn to be careless, how long can I be Ms Goody two shoes?' 
Wrong timing my dear younger self, very wrong timing. You don't realize you are sinking until the water moves through the basement and reaches the first deck. It did in my third year. I looked back at my two years and saw the academically disorganized, non-committal, careless monster I had become. It was time for crisis management.

I took the help of friends and family to be my watchmen. I found sincerity again. I found discipline again. I found commitment again. I found hard work again.

It penetrated into all the facades of my life. Of course.

'How you do anything, is how you do everything'

I have so much more time to do so much more things, productively. The results are slowly but surely showing. I have not reached high performance yet, but I believe I will. Soon enough at least. This time I know I am on the path.

Losing sincerity and finding it again..for good.

Project 21

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