Saturday, 24 November 2012

#13 - Reckless abandon

'Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon'

I looked up reckless abandon when I first read this. The phrase means - to do something without caring about the consequences.

It truly hit me that day.

Giving without expecting getting. Loving without expecting love. Being there without expecting someone there for you. Even cooking without expecting good taste. They are all very very tough to do.

As human beings we are creatures who expect and who reciprocate. These two concepts are not built on foundations of reckless abandon. It is a great practice nevertheless. I have mustered the courage once in a blue moon to love and give without expecting return. And in those very few times I have practiced this approach, I have received the same reckless abandon from someone else.

It's not hard to see what this change in attitude can bring to this world. I guess we need deeper reasons to stick to it though. Reasons only we can find within ourselves.

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