Saturday, 24 November 2012

#12 - Self developmental books

Appa was a fan of self developmental books in his formative years. I have gotten the chance to glimpse at a few in the book shelf. He never forced them on me but I remember reading his copy of You Can Win by Shiv Khera, as a little girl. I remember enjoying the story snippets in the book.

What began there remained a genre I would consult with occasionally through out school days. I was but a small fan. An older friend pulled me into the wide web of non-fictional books once I started university. It was one of the very first things he inducted me into. And to this day I am grateful for that! 

He is a voracious reader and his interest served proof for what I can get out of this genre. He made me deal cash for failing to complete one book a month. The flame of the deal died out eventually, but the habit stayed. 

I average on one book a month even these days. The thought inspiring learnings have helped shape a lot of my habits and behaviour. While it is impossible to follow everything these books teach you, it is important to understand that's not the goal of reading. The goal is widening your horizon and learning. It makes you ponder more than anything else. It makes you question what you are doing. It makes you question why you are doing it. 

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