Sunday, 25 November 2012

#11 - Creating Identity

'What is very obvious to your eyes is not so obvious to the other's eyes' 

It's was an enlightenment when this thought came through. Do watch this lovely video for Derek Sivers' post about the same thought!

I have shot thoughts down telling myself that they were obvious. I have refrained from asking questions in a classroom because I would tell myself that the answer was probably too obvious.

It took time to break from this shell and tell myself that things weren't so obvious as they were to me. And that this was the case with every single human being. That is what differentiates one from other - how we perceive.

And this directly affects how I would create an identity for myself. The things I like doing, the issues I am motivated about, the way I interact, my character, my candor and every thing else makes up an unique package. What I need to do (and I am on) is create a brand for this package - to understand the best place for my skills. And if there is just interest and no skills, the best way to develop these skills.

So I can make what is obvious to me, amazing to the world!

PS: This post is a lot of realizations put together, so I doubt the significance it would make to a reader. Nevertheless it is an important part of how I spend my days. Thinking about my dreams and building the castle one brick at a time - in between tea breaks, books and sleep!

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