Sunday, 28 October 2012

Support systems

I challenge you to walk on a parapet wall of a ten storeyed building. Will you do it?

I think majority of the respondents to that question will say no. However these respondents would not mind walking on the roof of the same ten storeyed building.

Think about it! We use up 8 inches across for our feet. Let's give it another 4 inches for assurance. Once we have this one foot of path, we should be willing to take the leap of faith.

My mind started linking this need for assurance to the bigger things in life. We always need a support system to achieve something. A stable ground to be confident off. This support system might be human or animate. It could be friends, family, partners, books, pets, places or memories. The support system gives us a feeling of safety and provides the thrust forward.

Today I feel gratitude for everyone and everything that has been part of my support system. I can't explain the wonders a simple 'What's been up' on gtalk, a 'How are you' on Whatsapp or a phone call has done to my day. If I ever did not show my gratitude (which I am sure I have missed at times) please do pardon my hastiness.

PS: I have resolved to illustrate my posts henceforth! Wonder why I never thought of it before.. Anyway, I have now been inspired by a friend who started doing something similar.

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