Thursday, 18 October 2012

Nokia phones

I was (and still am) an ardent fan of simplistic-old-fashioned-mobile phones for just one reason.

They work.

I was reading a news article about how the Nokia shares rose 9% despite their 969m euros quarterly loss and went down a spiral of thoughts on old mobile phones. My dad always used a Nokia phone when mobile phones started entering the Indian market. I cherish the days I used to play Snake on it! And when I was 15, I got my very own Noia phone. Many dear and close-to-heart memories with that phone.

The term good mobile phone has gained new meaning these days. I have spoken to iPhone users, Samsung users and everyone else - any smart phone that lasts one year is a good phone.

The days of buying a mobile phone and keeping it for a couple of years is getting close to non-existence. I have blogged about old phones here before. They are issue-less and they get to the point. They are built with quality and durability. They are trust-worthy. I wonder if and when smart phones will achieve that level of technological development.

Going back to an old fashioned phone. It is something I aspire to do someday. Like all the other things I aspire to do and don't. Like how I want to study 5 hours a day and eat only at meal times and reduce fat in my body and spend more time painting and sleeping.

Dad's first Nokia - It's design is still classy!
My first Nokia - Thanks for a lovely two years you. I miss those days. 

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