Friday, 26 October 2012

How do you think?

Am I a visual thinker or a auditory thinker?


Am I an individual thinker or a group thinker?


This lifehacker article inspired the 2 questions. The author shares some simple questions she asks when faced with the question. It was illustrative enough for a quick answer and I thought I should share it here!

Do you like to understand processes through images? Or do you prefer to read through material? When you see a new product do you rush to read about it? Or do you like to see how it looks? 

Did you prefer studying alone or with a group in uni? After a long day at work would you like to go back home to some books or catchup with your friends?

I realized it is essential to discover these qualities in order to figure out when we are most productive. I think I am 60/40 between individual thinking and group thinking. I like to munch on the ideas by myself before I can have a discussion about it. That said, ideas always take better form in a group when input was formed by various pairs of eyes and ears. This means I like to think ahead before meetings even if its only for 10 minutes on what he subject is, what I was going to contribute and what I wanted to take-away. 

I think with images. I draw a imaginary thought bubble to people's faces when I need to remember something they said. I like to draw when I think. That means I am most encouraged to perceive an idea when offered to me in images!

Nice discovery on a supposedly long weekend (uni students don't have anything called weekend/ long weekend..) 

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