Friday, 19 October 2012

Casteism vs Patriotism

I started writing this as a comment and realized it needed to become a post. Thank you Krishna! I love your post. Funnily, I have been pondering about this same question over the past few weeks.

Having a surname that some suppose only tambrahm's should possess, I have been asked the same question too many times. 'Iyer ah'? While I don't understand how Lord Murugan's name supposedly earned certain exclusive rights over the centuries, I also don't understand if caste and such should be important.

Many a conversation has passed with friends about how caste is a big deal in our country. I have a good friend who once talked about marrying a girl only if she was from his same caste. It shocked me, his thinking. At that time I judged it and said 'how narrow-minded'. 

Like Krishna rightly pointed out in her post, I am a proud Indian. Every conversation I have features India and my passion for my country. 

One fine day though, I put two and two together. If it is narrow-minded to be passionate about your caste, what is it to be passionate about your country? Isn't it just an extended form of passion for your roots? I am simply covering more demographics than him.

I don't judge him anymore. I am glad he has his preferences while I have mine too! I think patriotism is just an extended form of narrow-mindedness, if I may. And like Krishna said 'Ellarum maanushya jaati' (Every man is from the human caste)

I am not going to change my view on patriotism. I am not going to give up my Indian passport and declare myself to be a citizen of the world. I am simply going to stop judging patriotism - in any form. 

PS: This post ofcourse does not deal with all the injustice and favouritism that happens in India under the pretension of casteism. Having personal preferences is one thing; perpetuating it is another. 

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