Saturday, 23 June 2012

Do it yourself!

I have already blogged about doing-it-yourself. It's one of those fascinations thats here to stay. Like watching a kid who is giggling. Like watching kodee (Amma's helper at home) sweep the room one stroke at a time. Like watching the barber at work one chop at a time. Like stoping to watch the snail cross the pavement.

Its entertaining, its engaging and its fun. It keeps my hands at work and that makes me smile. I read a piece on HBR about most people receiving satisfaction out of physical work. Think about it. Haven't you always felt like a star after cleaning your room? After going for a run? After watering plants? Its as if physical work is one full shot of happiness and energy boost.

It is a very interesting theory especially in the age of iPhones and banking. As more and more people are moving themselves from physical labour to intellectual labour how can we still keep our bodies useful? How can we create a life that engages all that we possess?

A very intriguing thought process I would think! So think about it and see how you engage your body in your everyday life :) 

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