Thursday, 14 June 2012

Cereal Power!

I dont know if its the huge blob of juicy meat thats starring back at me, but I feel like writing about food again! Its probably just that I love anything yummy.

I managed one thing in the past sem very successfully. I started eating breakfast everyday. It was a huge struggle trying to keep up this habit through the first two years of uni. Finally I can say that its set, its a pattern, its clockwork.

I was never a fan of cereal. Never took a fancy for milk and Kellogg's back in Chennai. Like Bob Dylan said 'The times, they are changing'. I am a HUGE fan of cereal now. I dream of pouring milk into a bowl of crunchy dried up pieces of joy.

Part of figuring out the breakfast menu is running up and down the cereal section in the supermarket and picking a cereal for the week. I was on a search for the perfect cereal for several weeks. One bright sunny sunday, while I was walking the aisles of NTUC Fairprice, I discovered a particular variant of Kellogg's. NutriGrain. That's the name of heaven in my world. A big fat bowl of Meiji and NutriGrain makes my day like none other!

Make no mistake. If you try this out (which you definitely should!) you need to say the following things twice and cross your heart:

1) I will have only Meiji milk in my bowl
2) I will have only NutriGrain
3) I will not substitute the above holy ingredients




There. Your happy day is right in front of you (or in the supermarket aisle). Go grab it! Eat it!

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