Monday, 14 May 2012

Take a moment off

Taking a moment to pause is something I am learning. Before asking a question too soon. Before saying something mean. Before replying to an e-mail. Before putting someone's idea/spirit down. Before getting lost in the rat race.

It does wonders. I was walking back home from the bus stop. Its a 4-5 minute walk to my room. It was pretty late in the night I think. I was enjoying my time off and walking at my leisure. I suddenly realised it had been ages since I had walked barefoot. Its a nice feeling when your feet touches the ground. A silent bond. I think its got to do with the same spin your mind takes when you step into a garden or a lush green area. The bond with the greater power. The feeling of one.

I walked back to my room taking in every step all the way to my heart. It was almost a trance as I concentrated only on my feet and the ground beneath. It made me smile when I got back. It gave me a good night's sleep!

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