Friday, 4 May 2012

Pride in the victorian age

I enjoy reading victorian drama. Something about the simplicity of things or the lack thereof, draws me into itself.

Pride and Prejudice is a particular favourite. I would not miss a chance to watch the chivalry of Mr Darcy or the elegance of Ms Bennet. I would not miss a chance to read their complex characters. The enchanting language lifts the mood and transports me into a truly supernatural world. The details in clothes and importance given to appearance makes me wonder about the intellectuals of that age - what did they think  about giving so much importance to appearance. The emotions Ms Jane describes plunges me into a sea of awe. How much did she know of human character or how much did she imagine.

Its a magical world, the world of pride and prejudice. The attention to detail to everything that ever existed. The fleeting raptures created by even the smallest curtsy or nod. The letters that bring joy and sorrow in words rich with feelings. The loyalty of household managers. The exorbitant meals. I find every single detail of the victorian age romantic. I would trade anything to be a part of that age if that would ever be possible.

Ofcourse in describing my favourite era, I am consciously forgetting how they did not care about the rest of the world or in fact cared too much to rule most parts of it. How they treated the slaves. How they wasted resources. I am just trying to stay inside the pleasures of literature!

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