Friday, 4 May 2012

The physical book

Its holiday time and I am indulging in the world of words with a passion. I love reading. I use audiobooks also now thanks to a friend. While audio books help me mutli task when I am running around, reading a physical book takes the first place in my heart. I realised I could never substitute books. I need to flip the pages and read. I need to feel the paper in my fingers. It adds to richness of the text.

I think this kind of love follows my tendency to picture everything I think. I create images of every single thing I do. This is part of a huge reason why I chose Civil engineering. I like to see and imagine what I think/do. Bringing this idea to my love for physical books, I like to see the words on the paper which help me construct the image. Its wonderful that we all subconsciously do it.

I realised that some times we tend not to pay attention to these images. Try looking consciously for these images, often. You will find that it helps make life more colourful in some way!

Books, they keep me healthy! Let the words always create images and expand your horizon of thinking. Let it make your life bigger and better.

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